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  1. Thomas N. Burg (randgaenge.net, Social Software Lab)
  2. Philipp Naderer (Sinus Weblog)
  3. Jan Schmidt (Bamblog)
  4. Christof Zachl (Du, Frage…)
  5. Adolfo Estalella (ConTexto)
  6. Helge Fahrnberger (helge.at)
  7. Elmine Wijnia (http://elmine.wijnia.com/weblog)
  8. Ton Zijlstra (http://www.zylstra.org/blog))
  9. Jill Walker (jill/txt)
  10. Andy Boyd (http://croeso.typepad.com)
  11. Kathleen Fitzpatrick (http://www.plannedobsolescence.net)
  12. Dorin Popa (Unter Freundinnen)
  13. Jere Majava (Unfinished)
  14. Roland Abold (http://wahlforschung.blog.de)
  15. Tim Bonnemann? (Planblog)
  16. JohnBreslin (Work, Personal, Blog)
  17. Dennis Mischke ([http://www.transurbanism.net/wordpress/|Transurbanism])
  18. Wolfgang Zeglovits (http://sek.antville.org))
  19. AlexandrePassant (http://apassant.net))
  20. AnneBartlettBragg (http://digitaldialogues.blogs.com/learning_technologies/))
  21. Björn Ognibeni (http://www.site-9.com/blog))
  22. Rod Smith
  23. Paolo Valdemarin
  24. Martin Wilbers(Zwischenzeit)
  25. Marc Barrot (iJot - webOutliner - activeRenderer API)
  26. Horst Gutmann (zerokspot)
  27. StephanieBooth (http://climbtothestars.org)
  28. Raymond Elferink
  29. Graham Attwell
  30. Eric Eggert? - yatil! Blog
  31. Horst Prillinger (The Aardvark Speaks)
  32. Uldis Bojārs (SIOC Project | CaptSolo Weblog)

People’s Schedules and Stuff

Add here some more information about you (what’s your business, when will you arrive, what are your plans for Vienna, …). Please use the heading markup this way we can generate a list automatically.

1.  Philipp Naderer

  • living in Vienna (from September)
  • definitely a mac addict
  • starting with my studies at the Vienna University of Technology in October

2.  Jill Walker

  • Academic blogger since 2000, currently writing a book about blogging for Polity Press.
  • Associate Professor of Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Wants to take part in conversations about blogs

3.  Andy Boyd

  • Blogger since 2003
  • Knowledge Manager within Royal Dutch Shell
  • Formally Visiting Professor of KM at London School of Economics
  • interested in blogging within an intranet, to induce wide scale collaboration where collaboration is normally difficult (R&D, sales, seniors, etc)

4.  Kathleen Fitzpatrick

  • Academic blogger since 2002
  • Associate Professor of English and Media Studies, Pomona College, Claremont, California, USA
  • working on an extended project on blogs as narrative structures

5.  Jere Majava

  • Blogger since 2003
  • Educational technologist / sociologist, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • I’m interested in all aspects of blogs and social software, both social and technical

6.  Roland Abold

  • Academic blogger since 2005
  • Political Scientist, University of Bamberg, Germany
  • I am interested in the potential of social software for political communication (especially for campaigning)

7.  John Breslin

  • Blogging since 1998…
  • Researcher / adjunct lecturer at DERI, NUI Galway, and social software subcluster leader
  • Co-founder of Ireland’s largest discussion site, boards.ie, and another blogging site, journals.ie
  • Looking forward to meeting you all!

8.  Dennis Mischke

  • Transdisciplinary Blogger
  • Postgrad Student of Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Cognitive Science University of Potsdam (Germany)
  • Graduate Assistant Univerity of Potsdam (Germany)
  • I am interested in the cultural implications of social software in general and in the educational merit of blogging in particular.
  • I will assist and support the organization of the conference.

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