Alexandre Passant

I’m a french PhD Student in Computing. I’m interested in Social Software, Collaborative work and Semantic Web (especially when they interact), and in data mash-up and open APIs (eg: a FOAF and Google Maps mashup). I maintain a weblog for almost a year, dealing with these aspects.

I’ll attend BlogTalk as a co-writter of “SIOC Browser: Towards a Richer Blog Browsing Experience” co-written with Uldis Bojars and JohnBreslin and will also present the paper “Folksonomies, Ontologies and Corporate Blogging”, co-written with Philippe Laublet and Jean-David Sta. I hope these two talks, and the SIOC Experiment, will show people what Semantic Web can offer them.

I should arrive in Vienna on Sunday afternoon, and leave on tuesday evening. Of course, I’ll be interested in meeting people with similar interests.

AlexandrePassant?02 October 2006, 11:41

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