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1.  BlogTalks 1

The book BlogTalks [Euro 16,80] is available via Libri or and other catalogues or your local bookstore, it is produced on demand, there is no stock.

If you have trouble to get the book try to contact hidden-email:ohpuunaqry-qverxg@obq.qr (they read English) or hidden-email:freivpr@uneenffbjvgm.qr the latter is especially apt for research libraries.

Its ISBN is 3–901806–99–7.

Table of Contents

Thomas N. Burg

Preface /p7
Introduction /p9

Rebecca Blood

Henry Copeland

Blogging’s unique advertising metrics: Passion and hubness /p20

Martin Röll

Business Weblogs - A pragmatic approach to introducing weblogs in medium and large enterprises /p32 (Available in German and English)

John Hayes

Analysing Weblog Generation Knowledge /p51

Andrius Kulikauskas

The Algebra of Copyright /p60

Dennis G. Jerz

Thomas N. Burg

Steve Cayzer/Paul Shabajee

Semantic Blogging and Bibliography Management/p 101

Lilia Efimova

Ethan Eismann/Mary Hodder

TopicWeblogs and Sustainable Knowledge Production: Learning from the bIPlog /p126

Maria Cywinskas-Milonas

Polish Blogs are C-logs /p149

Fernando Tricas/Victor Ruiz/Juan J. Merelo

Gernot Tscherteu/Chris Langreiter

The BlogosphereMap /p174

Sebastian Fiedler

Personal webpublishing as a reflective conversation tool for self-organized learning /p190

Oliver Wrede

Gabriela Avram

DIGLIT - a k-log for documenting a project on digital literacy /p239

Gilbert Cattoire

From co-existence to convivality; a leap into direct reality /p247

Ulrich van Stipriaan

Jose Luis Orihuela

This project was supported heavily by the Donau-Universität Krems, Center for New Media

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2.  BlogTalks 2

BlogTalks 2.0 is available at or at Libri or at your bookstore. ISBN=3901806741.

If you have trouble in getting the book try to contact hidden-email:ohpuunaqry-qverxg#obq.qr? (they read English) or hidden-email:freivpr#uneenffbjvgm.qr? the latter is especially apt for research libraries.

BlogTalks 2.0 - Table of Contents

Thomas N. Burg

Mark Bernstein

The Social Physics of Weblogs /p15

Juan J. Merelo/Beatriz Prieto/Fernando Tricas

Elmine Wijnia

Horst Prillinger

Michael Schuster

Anjo Anjewierden/Rogier Brussee/Lilia Efimova

Martin Roell

Markus Oswald/Brigitte Römmer-Nossek/Christina Böhm/Erich Gstrein/Markus F. Peschl

Enhancing Blogs with a Dual Interaction Design - Concepts and First Experiences /p165

Reinhard Prügl/Michael Schuster

Stephanie Hendrick and Therese Örnberg

Jon Hoem

Sebastian Fiedler/Priya Sharma

Seeding conversational learning environments: Running a course on personal web publishing and weblogs /p271

Barbara Ganley

Juan J. Merelo / Jose L. Orihuela / Fernando Tricas / Victor Ruiz

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3.  BlogTalks Reloaded

Burg, Thomas N. / Jan Schmidt (Eds.) ISBN: 3833496142. You can get the book at your bookstore, at or at

Table Of Contents

(Thomas N. Burg) <not a preface>

(Thomas N. Burg / Jan Schmidt) Overview

(danah boyd) The significance of social software

(Jan Schmidt) Social Software: Facilitating information-, identity- and relationship management

(Adolfo Estalella) Blogs: From communicative to connective artefacts

(Raquel da Cunha Recuero) Memes and social dynamics in weblogs

(Elmine Wijnia / Ton Zijlstra) The IFCCC Patchwork Portal

(Alexandre Passant / Jean-David Sta / Philippe Laublet) Folksonomies, ontologies and corporate blogging

(Uldis Bojars / John Breslin / Alexandre Passant) SIOC Browser – Towards a richer blog browsing experience

(Kathleen Fitzpatrick) The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative Archive

(Roland Abold / Maren Heltsche) Weblogs in political campaigns: The critical success factors

(Anne Bartlett-Bragg) Reflections on pedagogy: Understanding adult learners’ experiences of weblogs

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