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Background information about the videos can be found at Wolf-Dieter Grabner’s blog.

Oct. 2WhatWhoHost
9:45–10:00OpeningThomas N. Burg 
10:00–10:30Keynote The significance of social softwaredanah boydTon Zijlstra
10:30–11:30Blogs: from communicative to connective artefactsAdolfo EstallelaTon Zijlstra
 Social Software: Facilitating information-, identity- and relationship managementJan SchmidtTon Zijlstra
 Transcription of discussion results
11:30–12:30Podcasts and Vodcasts or Insights into the world of pull mediaDieter RappoldKatharina Borchert?
 Building a social interface onto existing corporate systems: some lessons from an 18-month project in a major legal practiceLee BryantKatharina Borchert?
12:30–12:4515 minutes break
12:45–13:45Folksonomies, Ontologies and Corporate BloggingAlexandre Passant, Philippe Laublet? & Jean-David Sta?Jan Schmidt
 Social Software in Business - An adoption strategySuw CharmanJan Schmidt
13:45–15:0075 minutes Lunch break
15:00–15:30Keynote WordPress and JazzMatt MullenwegThomas N. Burg
15:30–16:30The practice of software development - case studies of and antville.orgWolfgang ZeglovitsThomas N. Burg
 The Bazaar, an architecture of participationRaymond Elferink & Graham AtwellThomas N. Burg
16:30–16:45Break 15 minutes
16:45–17:45The Google Data APIFrank MantekPaolo Valdemarin
 Why Wiki? A Glimpse into our Post-Document FutureJeremy RustonPaolo Valdemarin
Oct. 3WhatWhoHost
9:30–9:35Jajah sponsor presentationMarkus Rumler, Stephan Skrobar 
9:35–10:00Keynote Mashups - Meet EnterprisesRod SmithHorst Prillinger
10:00–11:00The IFCCC PatchworkPortal: the co-evolution of an emergent community and a social software platform (Paper)Elmine Wijnia & Ton ZijlstraHorst Prillinger
 SIOC Browser - Towards a Richer Blog Browsing Experience (SIOCYourBlog)Uldis Bojars, John G. Breslin & Alexandre PassantHorst Prillinger
11:00–11:15Break 15 minutes
11:15–12:15The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative ArchiveKathleen FitzpatrickPaolo Valdemarin
 Weblogs in Political Campaigns - The Critical Success FactorsRoland Abold & Maren HeltschePaolo Valdemarin
12:15–12:45CAcert 5 minutes about that certification authority followed by an assurance session (bring your passport or comparable credentials)Philipp Gühring? 
12:45–14:30Lunch break 125 minutes
14:30–15:30Reflections on pedagogy: Understanding adult learnersAnne Bartlett-BraggTon Zijlstra
 Social News Reading from the community of interest perspectiveRicardo CambiassiTon Zijlstra
15:30–16:00Securing authorship with RegisteredCommons.ORGJuergen Schmidt, Martin Schmidt? 
The conference will be in English without translation services, except someone is going to sponsor that.