I’m not new to BlogTalk. I missed the first one (big mistake), but compensated by presenting my Master thesis during the second BT. Those of you who were there in 2004: you might remember me as the Habermas-girl.

This year I’m priviliged to present again, together with my partner Ton. We will be talking about the development of the IFCCC (Institute for Collaboration, Creativity and Culture), a community we’re both board members of.

Since 2004
After graduating (MSc in Communication Studies), I decided I wanted to own my own job. I started building my own practice in on-line interaction, both through IFCCC and my own network. Currently I have a few interesting projects on my hands. Apparently my business has lifted off.

I publish a lot of the stuff I write on-line. My main channels are my two blogs: Communigations - for my personal view on the world in English, and Skallagrigg - for my work related thinking in Dutch.

Not everything I write appears on-line. I’ve written articles for printed magazines and have loads of shorter and longer pieces stored on my hard drive.