We can provide you with some hotels that are in reach and have a special conference price. You need to arrange everything with Nethotels. Nethotels emphasized that they offer a discount.

  • Cheap and centrally located is the Hotel Post. It’s also close tot the U1 that brings you in 10 min. to the venue.
  • Close to the conference venue is the Park Inn
  • Close, located at the waterfront and rather cheap is the Beach Hotel Alte Donau

If you like to share your tips and ideas for staying in Vienna. Please go ahead - here’s your place.

Where are you staying?

(Often, for late night conversations in the lobby or a nearby bar, it’s good to know who’s staying where. - danah)

- danah: strand hotel alte donau
- Jill Walker and Scott Rettberg: strand hotel alte donau
- John Breslin, Uldis Bojars: Park Inn
- Roland Abold: Ibis Wien Messe
- Jan Schmidt: strand hotel alte donau
- Anne Bartlett-Bragg: Hollmann Beletage near St Stephen’s church
- Adolfo Estalella: strand hotel alte donau
- Kathleen Fitzpatrick: strand hotel alte donau
- Andy Boyd: Park Inn
- Anders Fagerjord: strand hotel alte donau
- Lee Bryant: Park Inn
- Matt Mullenweg: Crowne Plaza
- Stephanie Booth: at Horst Prillinger’s, 7th district
- Tim Bonnemann?: strand hotel alte donau