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Submitting Papers - Guideline

To all presenters at BlogTalk Reloaded: The paper version of your presentation is due on August, 31st. Please consider the following information when preparing for the conference:

  • You will have 10 minutes for your presentation at the conference. The paper version should be about 15 - 20 pages (about 4.000 - 6.000 words) for the ‘academic’ papers and might be shorter for the developers’ and practitioners’ presentations.
  • Following the tradition of previous BT conferences, we’re planning to publish a book; authors will be given time to revise their paper after the conference (after all, we hope there will be a lot of constructive comments.. :))
  • There is no comprehensive styleguide at this stage (we might add more information on formatting etc. when preparing the edited publication after the conference), but please make sure your paper includes the following: Title, Author(s) and their affiliation, contact information, abstract, text itself. Please use endnotes.
  • At this stage, we ask you to provide us with a .pdf version of the paper. To upload just use the ‘attach’ link at the top right hand side. Please use meaningful filenames - they get listed here automatically.
  • For publishing the book we will need your text in doc or rtf. Endnote, no footnotes. More details later.


Don’t forget to type your name into the Author box

If you have any further questions, please add them on this site so our answers will benefit all contributors. Thank you!

List of promised/submitted papers

  • Burg/Schmidt - Introduction: to be written
  • boyd - significance social software: submitted
  • Estellela - blogs & memes: submitted
  • Schmidt - social software: submitted
  • Recuero - Blogs [did not present] - submitted
  • Passant et al. - folksonomies: submitted
  • Winjia/Zijlstra - IFCCC: submitted
  • Bojars et al - SIOC Browser: submitted
  • Abold/Hentsche - Political Blogs: submitted
  • Fitzpatrick - power of blog: submit by dec 15th
  • Bartlett-Bragg - adult learners’: submit by dec 15th
  • Charman - social software in business: probably not
  • Rappold - podcasts, vidcasts: ---
  • Bryant - social interface: ---
  • Zeglovits - software development: —
  • Atwell/Elferink - Bazaar: —
  • Mantek - Google API: —
  • Ruston - tiddly Wiki: —
  • Cambiassi - social news reading: —