I have been studying sociology, marketing and communication science at the University of Bamberg since October 2003. Shortly before having finished my intermediate examination, I started working for Jan Schmidt at the ‘research centre new communication media’ at Bamberg University (Germany) as collegiate assistant for the current project “Practices of online-based networking” and social software in general.

I started blogging in October 2005, but my first steps were more the attempt to become more accostumed to weblogs and social software. Since the relaunch of my blog “Zwischenzeit” I’m trying to blog more frequently because I discovered not only the networking effect of the blogossphere but also the long range of articles and the possibility to find many perspectives that differ from “usual media”. And last but not least blogging in general is a quite interesting research field which allows me to apply the theoretical and practical contents of my studies.

Until now I haven’t taken part in a blog-conference before and so I’m very much looking forward to this event in Vienna. My task at the conference is to help the organisation committee wherever necessary. And of course I hope to find interesting and informative discussions around weblogs and accordingly social software.