Jan Schmidt

I’m a communication sociologist, currently working as deputy director at the ‘research centre new communication media’ at Bamberg University (Germany) where I’m doing PostDoc research on “Practices of online-based networking” (some basic information on the project is available in english here) and social software in general.

I started blogging in March 2004 (http://www.bamberg-gewinnt.de/wordpress/ or http://www.bamberg-gewinnt.de/wordpress/english-content/) and went to the second BlogTalk conference in summer 2004, where I met Thomas. It’s great to now have the opportunity to actively help another BT conference take place this year! :)

My talk on monday morning is titled ‘Social Software: Facilitating information-, identity- and relationship management’. I’m going to present a conceptual framework to analyse social software practices by looking at rules, relations and code, respectively, as structural dimensions of social action facilitated by social software.

I will arrive in Vienna on saturday, 30th an hopefully spend spend at least some time at Barcamp Vienna. On sunday, 1st, I’ll probably go to the “Wiener Herbstlesen” where a couple of bloggers will read some of their texts. I’m staying at the Strand-Hotel Alte Donau - seeing that there will be quite a number of us BT participants, I’m looking forward to have discussions over breakfast or a late night cap.

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