BlogTalk Reloaded - the conference took place Oct 2–3, 2006 in Vienna, Austria.


Info: Videos from the conference are linked to the individual topics!
Background information about the videos can be found at Wolf-Dieter Grabner’s Blog.

Oct. 2WhatWhoHost
9:45–10:00OpeningThomas N. Burg 
10:00–10:30Keynote The significance of social softwaredanah boydTon Zijlstra
10:30–11:30Blogs: from communicative to connective artefactsAdolfo EstallelaTon Zijlstra
 Social Software: Facilitating information-, identity- and relationship managementJan SchmidtTon Zijlstra
 Transcription of discussion results
11:30–12:30Podcasts and Vodcasts or Insights into the world of pull mediaDieter RappoldKatharina Borchert?
 Building a social interface onto existing corporate systems: some lessons from an 18-month project in a major legal practiceLee BryantKatharina Borchert?
12:30–12:4515 minutes break
12:45–13:45Folksonomies, Ontologies and Corporate BloggingAlexandre Passant, Philippe Laublet? & Jean-David Sta?Jan Schmidt
 Social Software in Business - An adoption strategySuw CharmanJan Schmidt
13:45–15:0075 minutes Lunch break
15:00–15:30Keynote WordPress and JazzMatt MullenwegThomas N. Burg
15:30–16:30The practice of software development - case studies of and antville.orgWolfgang ZeglovitsThomas N. Burg
 The Bazaar, an architecture of participationRaymond Elferink & Graham AtwellThomas N. Burg
16:30–16:45Break 15 minutes
16:45–17:45The Google Data APIFrank MantekPaolo Valdemarin
 Why Wiki? A Glimpse into our Post-Document FutureJeremy RustonPaolo Valdemarin
Oct. 3WhatWhoHost
9:30–9:35Jajah sponsor presentationMarkus Rumler, Stephan Skrobar 
9:35–10:00Keynote Mashups - Meet EnterprisesRod SmithHorst Prillinger
10:00–11:00The IFCCC PatchworkPortal: the co-evolution of an emergent community and a social software platform (Paper)Elmine Wijnia & Ton ZijlstraHorst Prillinger
 SIOC Browser - Towards a Richer Blog Browsing Experience (SIOCYourBlog)Uldis Bojars, John G. Breslin & Alexandre PassantHorst Prillinger
11:00–11:15Break 15 minutes
11:15–12:15The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative ArchiveKathleen FitzpatrickPaolo Valdemarin
 Weblogs in Political Campaigns - The Critical Success FactorsRoland Abold & Maren HeltschePaolo Valdemarin
12:15–12:45CAcert 5 minutes about that certification authority followed by an assurance session (bring your passport or comparable credentials)Philipp G√∂hring? 
12:45–14:30Lunch break 125 minutes
14:30–15:30Reflections on pedagogy: Understanding adult learnersAnne Bartlett-BraggTon Zijlstra
 Social News Reading from the community of interest perspectiveRicardo CambiassiTon Zijlstra
15:30–16:00Securing authorship with RegisteredCommons.ORGJuergen Schmidt, Martin Schmidt? 

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We set up a steering committee that’ll guide us through the process of creating a mission statement for the conference and the call for proposals, will help us reviewing and finally ranking the proposals.

The conference will address researchers, developers, the community of users, the business and educational world and everyone interested in the phenomenon and the tools of social software

Now the steering committee:

- Bernad Batinic
- Katharina Borchert
- danah boyd
- Martin Pittenauer
- Jeremy Ruston

The conference is organized by Thomas N. Burg and Jan Schmidt in cooperation with the Social Software Lab, the University of Bamberg, and the Danube University Krems.